July 25, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Anton Van Hertbruggen

It has been a while since I've done a spotlight on an artist in these parts.  But in light of getting things together, I ran across a piece of paper with a name scrawled across.  Anton Van Hertbruggen.  I have lots of these papers tucked under other papers in my art dresser.  Because it didn't ring any bells, I looked him up and was greatly rewarded.

I actually own one of his illustrations!  It is really a book, but I stretched it out to the full panorama and have it hanging in our bedroom.  Bonus points because it is double-sided with two different stories.  Memoires of a Suburban Utopia is available for purchase here.  Because he is from Belgium, his blog is in Dutch, but can easily be translated via google translate.  His work has such a great use of color and texture...so inspiring!  But enough with the talk, lets get to actually seeing his work.
Current work in progress:  Indian Nocturnal Jungle Diorama
NEST Where Special: 03/2013
The dog Nino didn't have excerpt: 4/2013
Memoires of a Suburban Utopia excerpt: 03/2012
Memoires of a Suburban Utopia excerpt: 03/2012
All images and information via Anton Van Hertbruggen's blog:  http://antonvanhertbruggen.blogspot.com/

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