June 20, 2013

Look! A mini garden

I am no gardener.  People joke about having black thumbs, but I've perfected it.  My grandmas can grow just about everything.  Growing up and visiting the McCurry Grandparents always meant getting to see what she had growing in her flower beds, and Grandma knew all about her plants.  Latin names and everything!  My Van Diest Grandparents are no different, with all sorts of tomatos, grapes, and roses.  I'll always remember Grandma's roses in Gresham, they smelled beautiful.
Mom and I however, could kill anything they gave us in a matter of a few weeks.  But  this year, as with every year, I decided to try yet again to grow something...anything.  And this year I was even gonna do it from seeds!!  No seedlings for me this time.  So Brad and I decided zucchini and bush beans couldn't be too hard right?  Two weeks ago I tucked those little seeds into the soil, and look!!!  THEY GREW!

I feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he created fire.  Look, I have plants, I...have...PLANTS!  Of course I haven't done anything at all other than water them once, but there they are.  Who knows maybe I'll even have a harvest, but lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

How about you?  Do you plant a garden?  Any suggestions for hardy plants for indoors?  (still no luck with those)

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