June 26, 2013

Little Clark: 25 weeks

Hello little guy,

We have been so busy these past two weeks!  School is done, and I've been clearing out 3 years worth of treasures from my classroom.  Your dad and I are so excited that I will be staying home with you, but it was still a bit sad turning in my keys.  However that means a whole lot more free time!!  I've sewed you two pairs of pants, put all your clothes away into totes that are neatly tucked under our bed, washed the crib, tucked away some blankets for you, and that is just in the first few days!  You've been kicking a lot lately, and so hard that we may get to see them soon.  We've narrowed it down to a few names for you, but are keeping it a secret until you are born little one.  Supposedly you are cantaloupe size now, which is hilarious because I've been wanting them lately.  Thats actually what I had for dinner last night; cantaloupe, tater tots, strawberries and wheat toast.  I couldn't bring myself to eat the sloppy joes...meat still isn't settling well with me.  But oh well!

We love you so much tootsie!
Mama & Fadda


  1. I didn't like red meat when I was pregnant with Adaline. One night I tried to cook some beef for Spencer and had to leave the house while Spencer finished it. The smell was nauseating!

    1. Oh dear! Sarah, that is exactly how I've been lately. Coooking up a storm, but never eating the beef.