June 11, 2013

Little Clark: 22 weeks

 Oops (You would think that posting this once a week would be relatively easy to remember.  Then again, I did squirt toothpaste in my contact case this past week, so perhaps I need some slack.)

Hello little fella!

It was warm this week, and with you acting like a little built in heater I was quite warm.  We're talking - cankles by 9am!  But I love the sun being out because it actually feel like summer, which is one season closer to meeting you.  Some of your aunts and uncles are putting down their guesses for your actual birthday.  Some of us early October birthdays are pulling hard for an extra special birthday gift. ;)  At work this week,  my wonderful co-workers threw a shower for you!  I cannot wait to have you wear the cute clothes that we received for you, not to mention diapers, blankets and towels to wrap around you, toys for you to play with and decor that you'll see hanging in your little nook.  You have a treasure trove awaiting your arrival!  We had our appointment with the doctor this week, and she said you are looking great and measuring right on track.  Keep it up!  I think you can tell when my hands are on my belly because when she took your heartbeat, you came right up close to the surface for a moment.  Not finding anything too impressive, you snuggled back in with a kick and a wiggle.  Nighty night.

Love you,

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