June 18, 2013

Hike: Devil's Tower

After the hike of death, I wasn't sure if I was up to another long marathon.  When my brother came out last week to visit from Indiana, and he was craving some PNW wilderness.  I conceded to going with a hike as long as it was short.  We found a "steep, but picturesque" jaunt along Swafford Pond just outside of Mossyrock.  It started out just lovely.
There were little yellow wildflowers.

After we bushwhacked our way through stinging nettles, we found ourselves crossing several viable options.  We weren't sure where to go, so I suggested up because the trail description said steep.  We passed through a beautiful fern forest.

But then the trail ended...and we had no idea where we were.  Pushing on through a plain of Devil's Club, a piece flew back into Jake's hand as he tried to widen the path a touch.

We saw some a HUGE tree that let some sun filter through.

Somehow we crossed the original trail again!  A few feet away we passed under the base of Devil's Tower which was covered in moss and succulents.  I didn't know succulents grew naturally in WA.

Our 30 minute detour still brought us to the falls...

And following the trail back only took 10 minutes to where we bushwhacked in!  Oh mercy.  It was a gorgeous hike, but next time, we're bringing ribbon to mark the actual trail.
Three of the five adventurers

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