June 16, 2013

Baby Clark: 23 weeks

Hello son!

This past week, you turned 23 weeks!  And we are doing pretty well your dad and I.  He has been keeping conversations with you and has already decided a few preferences for you...I'll let you in on a few, just so that you're up to speed when you come out in October.  You prefer artificial to natural light...coffee to tea...early morning to late nights and always cold cereal to real dinner .  You can hear sounds better now, maybe even develop an acclimation to loud noises and can feel my movements.  It has been funny to feel how you react to sudden jumps or when your dad scares me.  One of my students calls you Andrew daily in hopes that the name will grow on me...we'll see. :)  Just one week left with the high schoolers and then you and I will be finishing up our teaching experience at MHS.  Its sad for me to be leaving, but I cannot wait to get to stay home with you!  No worries I suppose my emotions don't transfer to you.  

Loves to you from dad and I.


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