May 18, 2013

Music Memories: Joe Walsh's "Meadows"

It is most definitely time for another Music Memories post.  This song came on the radio last night, in the middle of a run to buy orange fanta...I needed it.

Time: 2000
Place: living room floor in front of the cd player with my Dad

This song always reminds me of my Dad.  I remember the Joe Walsh cd (still available here) coming in the mail, and Dad getting so excited, immediately bringing it to the living room to pop into into the cd player.  He listened to the thing straight through...until song number 7.  Then he stopped the player, and told us a story.  He always had the best stories.  By this point Dan, Jake and I were gathered around surprised to see Dad so excited about "his music" kinda waiting for it to be another *Twelve Chairs.  He looks at us and says, "I listened to this song all the time in college"...starts laughing...(he can never tell a funny story without laughing first) "Once, I opened my dorm window, set my speakers on the sill, cued the music to the perfect spot and cranked it.  Remember that Multnomah was much more conservative back in the seventies.  The sound brought all the dorm RAs looking for the culprit, but by that time, I had quickly taken down my speakers and no one knew the better.  I never got caught for that one."  Of course we kids wanted to know what spot in the song he had cued it up to..."First listen to the song, and then you tell me what I played." he told us.  Now it is your turn...listen to the song.  Imagine being 19 years old, in the 70s, in a conservative school...what part would you play?  Personally, I think song is better listened to loudly, unless of course you have sleeping children at hand.  The decibel is your choice...but quiet isn't very effective. ;)

Also available on youtube, grooveshark and itunes

Well...if you guess between seconds 6 and 10 you were correct!  There he was in all his sideburned-poofy-haired-glory, inciting panic across the Multnomah campus...and now he's called doctor. 

*Twleve Chairs is a movie that my Dad watched in high school that he promised us was the funniest thing since Brian he bought it and forced us to watch it.  I think we got about 15 minutes into it before Mom let us turn it off.  So DUMB!

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