May 24, 2013

Little Clark: 20 weeks

We are halfway there, and I thought some pics of our FELLA would only be fitting.

his profile and thumb

Just chillin, with one arm under his head.

Hello SON, (it sounds so good to say)

We had our ultrasound to see you the other day.  I cannot tell you how excited we were/are to get to see your little movements as you snuggled into me and moved all around.  Finally I was able to sync my tummy rumblings with your movements, and all that I thought was my imagination was actually you!  The tech asked if we wanted to know the gender.  When we said yes, she did her thing and told us you were a boy in the first five minutes!!  Somehow, we both knew it before, but that confirmation was settling.  It was such a miracle to see you in there with your fists rubbing your face, wiggling and rolling over.  You are quite the active fella and love the mornings...your father will finally have a coherent morning buddy.  We have all kinds of dreams and prayers and adventures for you, like camping, sword fighting, guitars, and football.  Brad must have known you were a little trooper for your first hike otherwise we never would have made it.  Your likes and dislikes are something that we talk about even now.  No worries if football or guitar aren't your thing, you will find the right niche.  You've already started creating it...albeit right on my bladder.

Love you,

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