May 11, 2013

Little Clark: 18 weeks

Oops this was was half a week late...but oh well.

Dear baby,

We had our monthly appointment on Thursday, and the doctor says you sound fine.  You heartbeat is louder and louder each time we listen, and I can feel either yours or mine when I am quiet and rest my hands on my belly.  You're letting me gain weight on track, so that's good!  And you're almost 6 inches long (supposedly, but we'll find out for sure May 22) which seems strange.  I've been practicing my singing voice in the car lots so that you are used to the sound and so that I don't scare you too greatly when you come out.  I hope you like Simon & Garfunkel and Lord Huron.  This week was the first that a stranger asked when I was due, so either she assumed a lot or I look more pregnant than chubby! :)  Some of my students have a bet going for if you will be a boy or girl...and I think the pot is up to $7.  Stay well little friend.  You will have some fun cousins to play with when you come out, and friends your age too (we ladies already worked it out that you'll get along).

Love and snuggles,

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