May 8, 2013

A Day in the Life: each day is an opportunity

Yesterday was great.  I mean it was truly excellent.  It started off like any ordinary day at our house...alarms going off at 4:30 am.

Sleepy kisses goodbye as Brad set off for his indescribably early job while I kept sleeping until 7.

Listening to Chuck Missler's insights on 1 Corinthians 12 while getting ready in the morning.

Driving to school and assisted my students in their genre oil painting projects.  Someone wiping paint on another one's face...just your average day.

Substituting for last period PE (as with most baseball game days).

Bringing home a stack of papers to grade and sitting in the sun on the grass grading and recording them.

Brad coming home from work (9 hr days all week) and turning on an episode of McGyver.

Him promptly falling asleep on the couch, and I discovering that apparently I have seen every episode of McGyver at some point in time because I know the plot for every one we've watched thus far.

And then it hit me (more of a remembering of a lesson already learned) that this everyday-ordinary-average-day was a gift.  It was an opportunity.  It wasn't promised, and reading the news of events in India, Syria, the US, Pakistan and Mexico only emphasized how precious this fragile life is.

So...after Brad woke up, I was intentional. conversation working on projects in the garage with him cooking him dinner prayers and tracking my thoughts

Somehow it was fuller.  It proceeded as all days do, but remembering to be intentional with the time I had made a a difference.  Why can't I keep these lessons at the forefront rather the dusty recesses of my mind?

We lived our life remembering what was truly important and letting things slide that weren't.  I hope today you choose to do the same.

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