April 1, 2013

Weekend Adventures: The Columbia River Gorge

Last weekend, Brad and I took a little trip to the Columbia River Gorge.  I am not a huge beach person, give me the mountains any day, so the Dalles, OR was our destination.  Neither of us had ever stayed there or explored the area.

We left after work on Friday, and it was raining as per usual.  But around Hood River, the blue sky and moon poked through!

After settling in for the night in the Dalles, Saturday was spent exploring.
Two seconds into Saturday morning, (well maybe not that soon, but right after breakfast), Brad got clocked in the eye.  Luckily it was an accident, and our freezing oranges helped cool it off.  He used them as ice-packs all day.  What a trooper, no complaining at all!

First item on our list was the Maryhill Musuem of Art.  Brad had been planning this surprise trip for a month, and mapped out all the places he wanted to take us.  Knowing that I love looking at art, he had that as our first stop.

There were gorgeous exhibits of Russian icons, golden objects from the Queen of Roumania, but our favorites were the selection of chess pieces from all over!  Such delicate work, ranging for large 6 inch pieces to simple pocket games.  This particular set was Brad's favorite.

Vasari Chess Set of Romans vs. Egyptians
After wandering the museum and grounds for a bit, we headed off to our second destination.  A lifesize replica of Stonehenge.  It was massive!  But sadly, it was like Mount Rushmore...you've seen it so many times that seeing it in person is like...meh. ok what else.  The river itself was what captured us.

Saturday morning clouds blew over and left us with a beautiful blue sky that we haven't seen in what feels like years.  Oh Pacific Northwest! The transition from pine forests of Hood River to High Desert of the eastside of OR and WA was beautiful which craggy rocks taking center stage.

Outside Wyreth WA
We spent the rest of the day resting, and driving around.  Once we started getting hungry for dinner, we ventured into the actual town of the Dalles.  The historic section was particularly interesting.  Old buildings, especially those with remnants of previous advertising, make me wonder what life had been like so many years ago.

The ended the evening with food, and a drive through the upper neighborhoods in search of a city view.  What an excellent end to our day!  Have you ever been to the Dalles?  Do you like exploring new places?


  1. those chess pieces are pwnge! But where are the pictures of the fake stonehenge!!!! I drove through the dalles on the way to the wenatch once but it was winter time and freezing

    1. I'm working on that. :) Tomorrow or maybe today they will be up with some from Multnomah falls. Was it cold there? I guess it would be. I'm just ready for some sun about now.