April 25, 2013

Little Clark: 16 Weeks

Thank you Seester for taking some pics of me.  

Hello Baby,

I think everyone knows about you by now.  I turned in my resignation for next year of teaching, and cannot wait to stay home with you.  We went on our first hike with you last weekend, it was a doozy!  So thanks for  keeping all the food down.  My guess is that you were happy just to be alive and decided not to be so picky about food when life was on the line. ;)  I read that you are getting bigger and bigger each week, and currently you are growing toenails and developing a hair pattern.  I've been practicing my singing so that you aren't too scared when you get here.  The doctor said that you will be making yourself known via kicks soon, and that I may even feel some flutters this week.  Be sure to punch extra hard so that I know its you, ok.  We love you so much that we chat with you every night before bed.  Stay safe and warm little fella.  Hugs and kisses.


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