April 11, 2013

Little Clark: 14 weeks

Alrighty friends, so here are those baby bump photos several of you have been asking about.  It was a rather windy day, so don't mind the crazy hair.

Hello baby,

We are praying for you nightly, that you will be healthy and strong and that we will get to meet you in October.  We are so excited to have you inside of me.  However, I have to admit when I read that you are drinking in the fluid and wee-ing it out at the same time...I was rather creeped out.  Brad says not to think about it, but I can't not!  You already have little fingerprints, and I wonder if you will have your Dad's crazy circular ones or my little hills.  Supposedly you are lemon sized about now, and we've heard your beating heart twice already.  Keep growing little one.  Know that we have already trusted you into the Lords hands, and that he will take good care of you.  In the meantime, maybe let Mama eat something without throwing up, ok?  Kisses, hugs and warm tea are all coming your way.


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