April 29, 2013

Fishing at Ike Kinswa State Park

Last Wednesday we went fishing, and by we, I mean that Brad and my sister went fishing while I tagged along.  By no means am I a fisherman, nor do I enjoy the eating of the catch.  However, there was something quite peaceful about sitting by the lake at dusk watching the sun set.  It had been up to 70 degrees that day, and we had to be outside!  Living in the Pacific Northwest really makes you appreciate the days with blue sky because the grey clouds can dampen the soul a bit.  Being married to a fellow outdoors lover makes little trips like that commonplace, but I know it isn't that way for everyone.

We bought a pass this year to the Washington State Parks, and have been using it often.  We live around 10 mins from Mayfield Lake, and love to visit.  The lake was quite low on this trip (Mayfield Lake is one of two man-made lakes on the dammed Cowlitz River).

But the trees were starting to turn yellow with signs of spring!  As I write this, they are a fresh green, and starting to leaf.

Brad and Julianne cast their lines.....

While I picked daisies and chatted about the day.

It was a lovely evening, one of many (hopefully) to come now that renewed fishing licenses are in hand.

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