January 29, 2013

Winter Walk: in which I meet three animals

It has been cold lately, (as if almost all of my posts have told you).  But with the cold came the sun!  No grey clouds hanging over head.  No drizzling rain, reminding us that spring is still months away.  No fog that lingers all day.  Just bright mornings only buffered by a bit of night mist that burns off in an instant.

On one of these spectacular days, I took a long walk.  Still trying to familiarize myself with the back roads of this particular area, I took a little drive, parked in a wide spot in the road and headed off.

The sun was shining down in my face.

Along the sides of the road, the crisp curly headed grass was snapping in the breeze.  (I'm glad I brought my new mittens, that breeze was.....cold.)

The moon was low over the horizon and perfectly framed by this particular tree, so I couldn't help but stop.

The best part of this walk was the bird...it was huge (I'm guessing an osprey).  It kept flying around...not so much circling though.  It flew over and back again until it took up residence in a high pine tree.  After a while, I saw another.  Squinting I looked a bit closer, and...YES! it was a bald eagle.   And flew over the osprey sitting in the tree, Amazing!  Sadly that picture was basura and fuzzy.  But here is a "movie" of one of the birds.

It was such a magical moment...because then a deer walked across the road in front of me.  I felt like God was speaking directly to my heart.  Such a peace and joy being in nature surrounded by His creation.  Really, I could not have asked for a more restful day.  


  1. Sounds so lovely, Susan! I had a similar experience walking around on the trails here. We have a nice cover of snow and suddenly a saw a group (herd? pack? haha I don't know what you call a group) of deer scamper across the snow. Such an intimate moment. God sends good love letters, doesn't He?

  2. Yes He does Kari! And always at just the right moment. Sounds like your deer encounter.