January 11, 2013

Frigid mornings no more

Happy New Year!

It feels like January has already been a year long...and it's only 11 days in!  I hope the beginning of this year isn't what the rest will look like.  It has been rough over here in the Clark household, so I'll leave it at that for you.  And share this fabulous day with you instead.

Last week, or the week before (sometime during my Christmas break) I woke up to snow.  SNOW!  But before we get ahead of ourselves...I woke up.  In our house, we have one baseboard heater and one wall heater in the bathroom.  Granted, we don't live in a large home, 603 sq ft (I measured yesterday for kicks and giggles), so you would think that two heaters would be more than enough.  Fortunately, unfortunately? we have lots of windows and said windows let out a LOT of heat.  So when I woke up, it was frigid in the house...like my fleece sheets, 2 comforters and down quilt weren't quite cutting it...frigid.  So I knew something must be up, and I was right.  We had snow!  It was absolutely gorgeous!  And because our daylight hours are still a bit wonky, I was up before the sunrise!  :)  Brad, my early bird husband, was proud.  (He is a gentleman and lets me sleep in on my days off, while he reads about the Spanish Inquisition or some other fascinating topic at the ungodly hour of 6 am.)  Yes, he was off starting work while I snoozed a bit longer.  But wait, but wait....aside from the snow, which was beautiful as you can see below, here is the best part of the story.  He came home that day (drum-roll) with a space heater from his brother!  Yay Jordan!  Thank you so very much.  Since then and with another donation of another space heater from my sister (Thank you Seester), we are quite toasty now.  We had the living room up to 68 degrees last night!!! It was quite fabulous, I even took my sweatshirt off.  And that my friends makes for a fabulous day.

It was still snowing...can you see the flakes?

Did I mention that the heater has a timer on it so you can set it to start before you wake up?!  Amazing!


  1. I am smiling after reading your blog. I love the pictures you have added they look marvellous.

  2. Thanks Ralph! It has been quite beautiful here of late.