December 4, 2012

Logo Design Process

I've been working with the Roxy Theater nearby to create some graphics for their upcoming season.  One of my commissions was to create a logo for one of the musical's this summer.  (yes there is much planning involved)  Because the printed material came out yesterday, I feel that it is safe to share with you the thinking process behind the chosen logo.

Here was the request:  No words, simple line drawing, 1.5 inches square, involving key aspects of the musical (logging, dances, music, bear wrestling, trains, pioneering, & croquet).

Here is the subsequent thought train as I went about creating different ideas.  Notice that the grid grew as I changed ideas/direction.  They were numbered as I created them; so follow the numbers and not left to right.

Then it was narrowed down to these two.  The bouquet idea was the favorite, but the small ball and violin from 7 were too sweet to pass up.

The final logo!  Combined elements from both 4 and 7 to create the look for the summer musical.

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