December 6, 2012

Cow love: It runs in the family

Today, as I sit curled up on the couch sipping tea and wrapped in blankets (sick as a dog), I was flipping through photos.  Old photos.  Photos of people I've never met (Douwe and Yuske Hoekstra,fresh from the Netherlands in the 1800s).  Photos of my Great-Great Grandma Bessie, who was an excellent document-er.  Photos of and by my Great-Grandma Tress.  She raised my Papa and his siblings on a dairy farm in Lyman, WA.  I must get my love of cows from her because there are pages after pages of photos of cows.  Cows and kids, kids riding cows, cows and trees, cows and more cows.  Understandable as they were her livelihood, but I couldn't help but laugh and wonder if I got some of that from her.

From what I remember of her, Tress Van Diest was a crazy, wonderful, unique, God-loving lady.  She and her husband started the Portland Rescue Mission, in OR.  She raised chickens in the city before it was popular and saved everything.  I remember opening her kitchen cupboards and finding them filled with plastic containers (prodded by The Great Depression?).  She has the most beautiful hair, dark and wavy.  Aside from those few things, I don't remember her much; other than seeing her sitting in her chair.  She passed away while I was in high school.  But that is what I love so much about pictures and documents, we get to learn about our history.

Several years ago, I went through my Papa's old family photos, and scanned them all into the computer.  I have pictures from the 1850s of nearded (neck-bearded) and bonnet-ed relatives.  All the way to pictures of my mother growing up in Alaska.  

Do you have old family photos?  Do they interest you at all?

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