December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree Hunting

It is Christmas time, and has been since Th anksgiving Day ended several weeks ago.  That means a lot of things to everyone.  It is so crazy how holidays bring people together...traditions are similar, feelings, hopes often mirror our neighbors.  One tradition that we participate in is getting a Christmas tree.  Last year, our first year being married, we almost didn't get one.  Both of us were wondering if the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ was too overshadowed by stuff that had no meaning.  Not feeling grinchy at all, but rather refocusing and remembering what was important.  However, my mother-in-law called and asked us if we wanted one a week or two before the 25th, and we said sure.  It sat in lights (no decorations) save for the little bird's nest left by its evicted owners.  We loved it!  But I digress...that was last year's tree.

This year.  This year, we got a tree.  Picked one out from a tree-farm about a mile from our little house.  It was a family affair, three vehicle caravan stuffed with family looking for a tree to bring the scent of the season.  It wasn't raining (shocker haha), but still chilly.

Brad can usually be found Saturday mornings with coffee cup in hand.  This day was no exception.

Some of our family was visiting from Alaska, so they joined us on our hunt.  The trees grow a bit slower there (last year their tree was 60 yrs old, but around the same height as our PNW nobles).  See Alaska Cousins left three. :)

We found ours; great character, beautiful color, and perfect height for our little house.

After loading everything up in the truck, four trees in all, we thanked the family for letting us cut.  And they thanked us by showing us their log village they've been building on their property (actual livable studios).

How fun is that?  Do you have your tree up?  Do you even put up a tree?

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