November 2, 2012

Sounds of November

I cannot believe we are already in November.  This week, I heard a song on the radio and could not remember the name of the song, or the words, or the tune.  So my husband, in all his greatness was able to take the very little that I could describe.  I went something like this,  "It is a cool, long intro of guitar picking, 70s classic rock that reminds me of buffalo.  Oh, and I know the words but I can't remember them"  (good luck if you can name that song)  We enjoyed a beautiful evening of listening to all sorts of my favorite music as he searched for "the one".  Here is it is...the perfect sound for rainy November.

Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band on Grooveshark

1 comment:

  1. I especially like the picture...the song...well I enjoyed it until some guy started to sing. :-) The curved road leading into the scene is perfect.