November 17, 2012

Music Memories: Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling"

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Time: February 2010
Place: beach in Goa, India

We had been in India for a long time...or at least it felt like that at the moment.  We had hit more than a few hitches upon arrival.  At the end of the month it was such a great surprise to find a familiar face arrive at our house.  He flew out to India to give us a taste of what is is like relaxing in India.  We went to the beach (the first time since we had arrived) and stayed all day.  Sat in the sand, drank coke, watched the cows and pigs meander around and swam in the Arabian Sea.  It was an excellent evening.  I remember sitting there on the beach, surrounded by friends, feeling such a contentment and peace.  It was crazy to think that we were there, a group I never imagined.  And as we decided to race across the sand to the rocks on the far side of the beach, a car pulled up with a young Indian couple, this song started playing.  I hadn't heard American music in a long time, much less an American accent.  It was beautiful, fitting, and I always go back to that night, that place whenever I hear this song.

So for a minute...pretend you're there too.  Feeling the sand between your toes.  Smelling India (lets be honest, not always pleasant).  Hearing the water lap on the beach.  Hearing friends laughing and speaking in a strange language beside you.  Feeling heat from the sun-scorched sand still emanating beneath your legs.

How about you?  Does this song remind you of a particular place, person, feeling?

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  1. it always reminds me of Jesse & Jessica Dekker's wedding. They had this song in their little video they played at the rehearsal dinner