November 5, 2012

Music Memories: Hoobastank's The Reason

Songs have a way of bringing you back to an exact moment.  So I thought I would share a few of those moments with you.  So here we go...

Listen to hit on grooveshark, spotify or youtube.

Time: 2004
Place: Homecoming Dance

This song, aside from being a great song from high school, brings me back to being a senior in high school.  It was some school dance (I was never one for dances), and one of my closest friends was attempting to drag me onto the dance floor.  This song broke through her coercion, as the DJ started to liven things up.  So she sang this song to me...word for word, in the middle of the steamy, packed room.  I can see her bouncing curls (fresh perm) and sparkling eyes as she dragged in two other friends to join in her serenade.  And then we danced.  Oh how we danced, like we were making every last memory count.  She was a friend who didn't mind my quiet ways, and was ready to pull me into the world of chatting it up with everyone.  We were/are good for each other in that way.  Oh Tara, you are always so full of life.  Every time I hear this I think of you.

I realized that this officially puts me into the old camp because I'm reminiscing about high school.  Let me be clear, I would never go back.  

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