October 15, 2012

Apple Harvest

The forecast predicted rain...which mean that we needed to harvest apples now!  So I called up some family to come help.

They looked delicious, and the samplings proved that true.  Of course the apples at the tippy top of the tree were impossible to reach even with our tallest ladder, man and apple picker.  

With four of us working on one tree the work went quickly but didn't seem much like work to me.  And then the guys decided to come up with a new way to get them into the baskets.  The one perched in the tree would chuck the apples to the receiver waiting below...or 10 yards away or 25 yards away.  You know, just to make sure they didn't get bruised from being dropped from the tree into the bucket. ;) mmhhmm Can you see one culprit hiding behind the branches?

Here is our receiver...ready.  Oh wait! I already have an apple or two in each hand.  How will I catch it?!

We picked four huge buckets full, and there are still plenty of apples left on the tree!

Three of the four of us with our harvest!  

The whole time I kept thinking about gleaners, and how we aren't supposed to take the entire crop.  So there are still plenty on the tree if you want to pick your own, or I can help too.

That leaves me with this question for you: Does anyone want apples?  

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