October 23, 2012

And I'm reminded of: foggy windows and torrents of rain

Do you ever have a circumstance that reminds you of a moment in time?

Whenever I see windows that are fogged with rain dripping down the windows, I immediately go back to Honduras.  Since it has been raining a lot this week, my mind has been there recalling smells, colors, experiences, people etc.

It was my first time outside of the US, and I remember it being so warm.  There was a decent sized group of us.  We were about  twenty, a medical team and a few logistics (young ones like me).  It had been about a week in San Pedro Sula and we had finished our round of services for the day.  The rickety old school bus that drove us from our stay to the school (where we had clinic everyday) had stopped at a market for supplies.   The weather was warm and the air thick.  So thick, it felt difficult to breathe.  And just like that the storm started.  We were out in the open when the rain came pouring.  We scampered back to the bus drenchedr.  Between the warm bodies and thick hot air, the windows of the bus immediately were steamed over.  While the tropical downpour continued outside, we were hustling around in ponchos waiting for everyone to finish their business.  But I will never forget looking out the window and thinking, "I'm in Honduras, and we are leaving tomorrow."  Some moments are just seared into our memories...I can still see and feel the woven cloth of the headband I had purchased, the sticky feel of my forearms against each other, and the rain.

If only it would warm up and we could have a tropical rain here.

(also I'm typing this on a new computer, thank you Bradley very much, and my pictures have yet to be transferred...so thanks for reading photo-less)

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