September 1, 2012

A walk down State Route 508

Today was a beautiful day, we spent the day resting and doing NO work. Here is what happened:

He: played around in the garage
I: created a new piece of work for my Sept. shop opening
He: caught up on all of his daily Bible reading
I: finished the sketch for a new Larry Hurt songbook
He: had 2 corndogs for lunch
I: had a huge salad and popcorn
He: asked what we should do later today
I: suggested a walk to see the super cool cattails about .5 miles down the road
He: took me for a picnic dinner from Applebees to the park  (thanks Dan and Stephanie for the gift card)
I: think he is the best husband ever

But here are a few shots from our walk today...

Free and easy, free and easy down the road I go...Ok, so it was a little less free; State Route 508 not exactly a back-road.

I was surprised how much trash was on the side of the road!!!  Also you can see where the state/county sprays their weed killer because look at those fried grasses.

Cattails!  So pretty and so very tall, (well above my head) they rustled in the breeze of the cars whizzing by.

There is just something about this reminded me of "Book of Eli", and then we talked about what would happen if an EMP went off and what would that really mean for us...bizarre conversations I know.

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