August 7, 2012

Roadtrip: Mossyrock to Kalispell

Reason behind the trip:
     1. my brother Jake is starting a new job & masters program in Indiana
     2. he wanted someone to drive with
     3. everyone else was working...making me the default choice (hey, I'll take it)

We started off early in the morning...and made it to the top of White Pass.  Where we stopped to take some gorgeous pictures and upon returning to the car discovered we were locked out.  Fabulous!  Jake's car is one of those cars where it has two keys to operate, one for the doors and one for the ignition.  We happened to have the ignition key, but not the other.  The other was safely tucked away in a backpack.  Hit the unlock button?...ya it fell off earlier and was laying on floor of the car.  So SHOOT!  45 mins later...using sticks to jam the door open and metal twist ties from the fence nearby no luck.  I wandered down the road and found some locals camping and they came to our rescue!  One had lived in Yakima and thankfully knew how to break into cars. ;)  Finally we were on the road!  Exactly 21 mins later, we were stopped (third in line) for a 30 min construction wait.  At this point I contemplated leaving Jake to fend for himself as this roadtrip appeared doomed.  (I decided to persevere)

As we passed into Eastern Washington, we saw a wind farm...

And I couldn't help but thinking that they should make them look like pinwheels!  How cool would that be? (you can thank me for the horrible photoshop job)

We finally passed into Montana, and started seeing some beautiful scenery...

There was a lot of open road as we got nearer to this particular point there were signs to watch for mountain goats.  AWESOME!

By the time we reached our hotel, the moon was rising and our energy was flagging.  All I wanted to do was sleep.