August 14, 2012

Roadtrip: Billings to Rapid City

Ok, ok, ok!  I want to quickly get up these last few days of the roadtrip, so that you can see some of the awesome stuff Jake and I got to see/experience.

This was day three of driving:  at this point, we were both pretty sure that we were developing sores from sitting so long.  But this was going to be the quickest day yet; shortest drive time, but with the most stops.  Gas/restrooms aside, we were going to see Devil's Tower, Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore!!

I started the drive this day, and one really cool thing I noticed about Wyoming as we crossed over was that the road was pink.  They have PINK freeways!  Ok, so it may not be extremely noticeable, but present nonetheless.

Cool  roads aside, we also got to see some sagebrush...lots of sagebrush.  And every so often, there would be a tree!  So you knew exactly where the water collected, but if that weren't enough there were always exits to gravel roads with names like, "Dead Horse Creek", or my personal fav "Crazy Woman Creek".

It was getting a little hazy as we neared Devil's Tower, and we got within 6 miles for a decent view.

From here were were getting into/already were? in the Black Hills.  So beautiful, I can't even believe it, and the forest here has no underbrush like the forest does in Western Washington.  It was clean with jutting, rounded rocks everywhere.  Then we pulled into a valley and saw this crazy geological wonder.  (perhaps I found the reason behind the pink roads)

We continued on...yes, there was much more to this day...  Up to this point, we had been using Jake's Iphone for directions.  As we headed to Crazy Horse Memorial, we assumed it would be right.  It wasn't.  Do not trust google maps to take you to Crazy Horse Memorial, you will, like us and many others, be led astray down this gravel road with no nope of finding it.  Be smart, wait for the signs!  Even though the memorial may not be finished, there are still signs aplenty.  Lesson learned.

We stayed for a bit wandering through the cultural center, but probably no longer than 30 mins because we still had places to go.  The next place on our list was Mount this point we were both a little cranky.  We had been driving for 8-10 hrs everyday for 3 days, were out of food and had only a few dregs of lukewarm water.  Did I mention it was hot?!  By the time we got to Mount Rushmore, we were basically ready to sleep or eat or both.  After parking and walking up the steps to the monument of our founding fathers...we stopped and stared.  After about 30 seconds, Jake looks at me and says, "well if you've seen it for a minute, you've seen it for 30." I agreed so we snapped a few pics and left.  We were there less than 7 minutes, parking, walking included.  It was cool I guess.  You can't get very close, which makes it about postcard size from where you are standing.  This is going to sound horrible, but it is cooler on tv.  I know, I know!  Maybe it had to do with being tired, maybe it had to do with being so far off, maybe it is a little bit of the truth.

After that we made it straight for food and showers and beds.  

How about you?  What were your impressions of Mount Rushmore?  


  1. I have never been there, but I love your stories and pictures.