July 12, 2012

Pen & Ink: Tilton River and Highway 12

These are some recent pen & ink work that I've done and am contemplating what to do with.  They started off as technique examples for my students...but who knows they may serve another purpose here in the near future.  Not as fire-starter, don't worry Mom.  Both are photographs...once I set up the printer, I will get some better scans.

Highway 12

Tilton River


  1. Have you thought about putting copies of these for sale in one of the gift shops in this area (Packwood especially)? They are different from most of the other things I see for tourists to buy, and would give them a nice memory of the place they visited.

    1. I have thought of it, that is actually the new new plan I had for them. Especially with summer in full swing, but maybe in the fall - winter too as skiers and snowboarders start going through.