July 5, 2012

Olympic Peninsula: Hamma Hamma

On our way home, from our fabulous weekend, we stopped in the Olympic National Park via Forest Service Road 25...by Hamma Hamma.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day compared to the day before, so we got to enjoy the green with the sun!  We were completely surrounded by lush fern (favorite plant), dripping moss, and even some crazy looking flowers that sent me looking for a wildflower guide.  (great new site for that: http://www.pnwflowers.com/)  I don't know what it is about being out in God's creation, but it is so reviving!  Breathing clean sweet air, hearing the rushing water of the Hamma Hamma River, walking down the dirt road with sun filtering through the trees it reminds me of what it must have been like when every place was a wilderness.  I think that in our souls we long for some of that wilderness.  There is no better area to get some of that than in the Pacific Northwest.

We turned down the road to get there and this was what greeted us...

Of course there were some California Poppies by the side of the road as well. (my Dad's favs)

Naturally we had to hop out to document our trip together!

The edges of the road starting to disappear behind the drooping grass.

This crazy flower lined the riverbanks: Goat's Beart or aruncus dioicus

and there at the end was the Hamma Hamma River!


  1. you two look so great together- especially in nature!! love the lush green pics, yummy. love, indie

  2. That looks like a great adventure :)