July 24, 2012

New Moon: new start

I've been spending a lot of time thinking lately, and praying and wondering and dreaming a bit more.  You probably go through those seasons as well.  Well, it sorta reached a peak yesterday.  I say sorta because I am still not sure.  I am typically a risk-taker, but this one just seems a little scary.  Failure is not really my favorite thing especially when it comes to putting my work out there.  Creating art takes time, energy, creativity and often I feel like my heart is on the line for people to accept or reject what I've spent days imagining and making.  Its that vulnerability, the hello world moment, ok, maybe hello coffee patrons, but still.  

My goal and direction that I feel like is the right way, has me re-opening an etsy shop...deadline...September 25.  (that is roughly 2 months to get my act together, start teaching again and get my students in the swing of things)  And Dan, thanks for the vote of confidence yesterday, it was part of confirming what I've been mulling over all month.  In his roughly translated words "I was in this coffee shop; there was this acrylic on canvas and it was lame.  I thought to myself, Susan can paint WAY better than this s***."

So here is to a new adventure, resurrected adventure? I'm not quite sure, but some of you may be getting an email from me with product testing in the future (think late August).  Wish me luck. 


  1. I wish you more than luck, God's best. I will be interested in seeing what you do. Love you , aunt Margaret

  2. Thank you both! We shall see how it goes...