July 29, 2012

Dutch Roots & a Moving Sale

The past two weeks have been a flurry of busyness over here.  More for my family, who have been working nonstop, where I help out a day here and there.  You see, my grandparents are moving, and not a little move across town.  We are talking about a move across the country, in the name of being near to other relatives and embracing the sun more often than here.  So while they'd been preparing, they have also been going through their things, and we had a HUGE garage sale in preparation for the move.  One of the perks of being a family member, is that we were able to look through everything first.  So I snagged a few goodies, like a glass pitcher, world map, and these really cool Pennsylvania Dutch greeting cards.

My family has Dutch roots...not as Dutch as some pockets of the United States, but we did grow up knowing that we traced to there...and grandparents with the last name of Van Diest helped.  I have been in several Dutch communities, where the majority of those living there were 100% Dutch Americans.  It was so surprising for me to meet anyone whose family has been in the states for an extended period of time to be !00% anything aside from American.  I don't think it is intentional, more based on coincidence and availibility but I digress.  Pennsylvania Dutch.  There is a particular style of folkart associated with the beautiful primary colors and patterns of the P.D.  I thought I would share some of the gorgeous cards with you.  No need to be Dutch; just a big fan of color, folkart or pattern.  Enjoy!


  1. The Pennsylvania Dutch are actually German in heritage. They came to America from Switzerland, Germany, and the eastern parts of France or wherever the German language was spoken before 1800. So...you really don't have any connection with them if you are Dutch in your heritage - Van Diest. You may or may not find this little bit of info interesting - hopefully you do!

    1. Really?! I had no idea...clearly. Perhaps I should have looked a little more into their background. But thanks for letting me know. Perhaps we have some on my other side, but prolly not. They come up with such great designs and patterns, but the colors are much brighter than my normal tendencies.