July 18, 2012

Cinebar: Moonrise over the fog

On our first night in our new house, the moon was full and there was fog creeping through the little prairie behind our house.  I love taking pictures at night especially since I've been messing around with the manual settings on my camera.

My camera is such a great one, nothing fancy, and it has only has 5 megapixels ha!  It is a Canon PowerShot S2 IS, and it has a 12X optical zoom, which was pretty awesome back in the day when it was new.  There is the best story of how I finagled my way into owning this camera.  At the time, Dan and I both purchased cameras, he got a Canon PowerShot S2 IS, and I got a little point and shoot that I could easily fit into my purse but had no zoom or cool manual features.  Fast forward a few months and Dan returns from Ireland with great photos but a ruined camera...the fog was so dense that the viewfinder was forever clouded, making it only possible to take pictures by guessing, or by using the little LCD screen.  We all know that the little screen zaps the battery life!  So he asked if I wanted to trade, his broken one for my little point and shoot, and I hemmed and hawed because I love looking through the viewfinder, but I couldn't pass up the 12X optical zoom.  About 15 mins later after my initial play around with the camera....I had fixed the clouded viewfinder (up to this point, I hadn't even looked at it up close)!!!  It turns out that what he thought was fog was actually the little knob that adjusts the clarity of where you look through.  He must have unknowingly knocked it out of focus and assumed the rain and fog had finally claimed victory.  Hehehe  Needless to say he was floored and couldn't believe I had fixed it.   A deal was a deal so I kept the camera!  Woop woop!  That was 2005/2006 maybe...so I've had a good 7 years with this little guy.  Thanks Dan, I've always appreciated this camera! 

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