June 15, 2012

Wedding Card Art

So...our anniversary is coming up, and we are also moving.  (not too far away, just a town away)  I've been packing, packing, packing and sorting.  Yesterday I came across a BAG of wedding cards, I am a sentimental person and the thought of throwing them away was too much.  So rather, I decided to make some art for our bedroom (the walls have been blank for a year!).

Seeing our names written together or Mr. & Mrs. Clark is awesome.  I cut our our names from the envelope and kept those in one pile.

I also cut out the names of the person addressing the cards, and set those aside as well.

Add come 16x20 tan charcoal paper (thank you Michael's) and some elmer's glue.

Arrange them in a way that you like...I thought maybe a heart (nah), names from our letters (nah), lets be simple and stick with a good rectangle!

Voila!  Two matching pieces of art for above our bed, commemorating our friends & family, and wedding day.


  1. awesome! was looking for something to do with my cards. may attempt!

  2. Jessi,

    It was pretty easy, just scissors and glue. Hope you enjoy your piece of art!