June 1, 2012

Pinterest: Hamburger Cupcakes

I am not a foodie.  I do not really enjoy cooking, unless I get to chop things up.  However, I put those preferences aside to create some birthday treats for my brother-in-law.  You see, we are the same age, and he had his birthday bbq last weekend.  You need to understand that my MIL is probably the best cool-looking-treat maker.  So my husband has been blessed his entire life with graduation hat cupcakes, Toy Story cakes, pink lemonade bars, etc.  I am feeling pretty accomplished if I make chocolate chip cookies.  Thus I took it upon myself to prove, to no one in particular aside from myself, that my creative juices can be part of the baking process.  Naturally I searched pinterest for cool birthday treats, and I saw hamburger cupcakes.  I have always thought that they would be fun to make, so I did.  I made them.  (apparently there were no creative juices flowing, simply my inner thief)  He liked them, and I was proud, and now I'm making them this next weekend too, for my younger brother's graduation. 

1 comment:

  1. Those are cute Susan! I bet you'll be asked to make them more this summer! :) My mother-in-law has made Jameson amazing treats his whole life too! Even tuba cookies! :)