June 21, 2012

Our Wedding: Part 1

- Warning: Picture Heavy -
June 25 will be our first anniversary, so I thought that I would share a few photos from our wedding that we were never able to.  After looking through them, I thought that I'd break it into two posts so that you get overloaded with pictures!  Brad asked his brothers and two good friends to stand up there with him.  I had my good friend Nicole, sister and three brothers stand up with me.  When I asked my brothers if they would be in the bridal party, Jake asked me, "You want me to be a bridesmaid?!"  No, I want you to be bridesmen.  Needless to say, they gave me some guff, but all said yes!!  So our party was mostly men, and just a few of us, ladies.  But it was worth it to have my family all be part of our special day!!

Look at that grin!

- all photos taken by Meg's Photography -

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