June 26, 2012

Hurricane Ridge: Beautiful in any weather

This weekend, as our anniversary celebration (1 year woot woot!) we drove up the Olympic Peninsula.  And because an awesome friend of mine used to live here, we stayed in Port Townsend in her honor, more of that to come in a later post.  I have been wanting, begging to visit Hurricane Ridge, which is this glorious ridge, duh, with a view of the Olympic Mountains in the Olympic National Park.  Because it it relatively close by, just under 2 hrs away, we hopped in the car and had an awesome weekend!  Saturday morning we were up nice and early...6:30 am, thank you Brad for having your internal clock so wired for work. (side note: Those of you know know me, know that I am NOT a morning person...if no one spoke to me until 10am, I would be quite happy).  By 9:30am we had wheels rolling, coffee in hand on our way out to Hurricane Ridge.  It was sunny-ish when we left PT, but slowly the sky turned grey.  Thank you June-uary weather.  We assumed, isn't there something out there about never assuming, that we would break out of the cloud cover once we reached the top, so up we went!

It started off bright, but looking up you could see a bit of fog rolling in.

 By the second look-out you the dark clouds were approaching...

We got rain! (we've got cows! anyone?  Twister?  anyone?).

 It was so gorgeous to see the levels of hills and I knew it would be even better at the top.

By the time, we reached the look-out, this was our view!  Oh Washington, what a teaser you are.  

Not too disappointed (we can visit again easily, Mr. Maryland up there could not)...we decided to embrace the beautiful, mysterious fog and focus on that, rather than our day being totally ruined.

And there were not one, not two, but THREE tunnels that we drove through on the way up & back...Brad is a bit of a tunnel lover.  Yes, we did honk. Yes, more than once.  And yes, we did drive very slowly through the last one to soak up all the tunnel-ness.  

And I hopped out in order to grab at least one colorful photo of the pretty red paintbrush flowers.

- no editing at all, just naturally bright-

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  1. Ah! That's a beautiful place. Make that hauntingly beautiful! I love foggy places with tall trees. :D