June 11, 2012

How we met: Part 2

So picking up where we left off last week,  I thought about his proposal for a moment...sure the beach would be fun.  So tack on another 1.5 hr drive to the beach and we were in Seaside.  Talking the entire time, he had such great questions.  I don't think there was a moment of quiet...well maybe a few.  Needless to say I had an awesome time.

But we got home, and went our separate ways, and later that week I got a phone call.  He wanted to hang and I kindly let him know that I wasn't interested (he was too quiet for me).  I didn't know him save for one day, my guard went up and said no way!  But we started hanging out anyway and texting for the next 2 months.  When he asked again if we could go out (me dropping some major hints that I would be totally ok and excited about this), I said yes and hiking we went!  Naturally it was dumping rain in the spring of Western Washington, so we got a little wet, the road was washed out, and it took him a good 30 mins to light a fire.  But I brought sandwiches and cookies, and he brought an extra sweatshirt that I borrowed.  It was fabulous.

Seven months later he proposed, obviously I said yes.

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