June 7, 2012

How we met: Part 1

First picture of us ever taken...a few months in albeit

This Wednesday, aside from being my grandparent's anniversary, it is Brad and my dating anniversary.  Less grand than 60 years, so I aptly waited a day.  I don't believe I've ever told the story of how Brad and I met on here.  So because our first anniversary is coming up...June 25th!  I thought I'd share a bit of the details with you.

Well, I first knew of Brad in high school (he doesn't remember me), but we never really spoke.  We went to different high schools and the same church.  So years rolled by and he joined the Marines; I went to university.  He went to Afghanistan; I went to Lebanon.  He lived in North Carolina; I lived in Washington.  But one day, he finished his 5 year term in the Marines; I moved back home, and we ended up going to the same church again.  I had been going a bit longer than he, and I remember that first Sunday he showed up.  My first thought was, man he has gorgeous skin, what a waste, I bet he doesn't even appreciate it (petty I know).  He has gorgeous skin, what can I say?  (He readily denies this next bit, but I have witnesses)  He stared at me the entire class...so much so that my sister sitting next to me laughed and whispered to me, "Sheesh, tell him to take a picture.".  Maybe he subconsciously remembered me!

I had been trying to get a bunch of people together to go to the Oregon Zoo the next Saturday, and invited him to come along as well.  Friday rolled around and everyone called me to cancel save for.........Brad.  So I asked him if he wanted to skip it, and he said no.  So we went to the zoo.

And he bought me a ticket to ride on the little train.

And we went to eat Mexican food after... over which he suggested that we drive to the beach.


To be continued...
This is getting long, so I will break it into a few posts.  

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