May 1, 2012

Stories from Lebanon: Part 3 the Lebanese/Israeli Border

We drove South and East through Saida, through Nabatieh, and past the border.

The Lebanon Israel border.

There were flags flying...representing Hezbollah, Palestine, Lebanon, and in the distance...Israel.

It was sad, to see the bunkers from the previous invasion.

And it made we wonder what life was like for those people living just on either side of the border.

So, my friends and I prayed; for peace, for trust, for healing, and understanding on both sides.  Because both sides of this fence have regular people who face remnants of what was left behind...on the land and on their minds.

And I think about some of you, who live close to here, and I remember you in my thoughts and prayers.  You are not forgotten, what you have been through is still remembered, and know that you are not alone.  Someone is still watching over you.

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