April 18, 2012

A visit to Portland...

Recently, I drove down to visit my sister in Portland, and this time we made it a girls day, by bringing our Mom along with us!  Being familiar with the city, and the competent (read: psycho/aggressive) driver that she is, Julianne chauffeured us around town.  We visited Laurelhurst...

Did a little shopping, which was a nice treat!  I got a...ok, well actually two new pairs of shoes.  But they were needed!  You see, my go-to black flats for school are falling apart and smell like death (lets just be honest here), and I needed a pair of dress sneakers; yes they do exist.  You know, for when you are in the mood for wearing jeans and comfy shoes, but don't want to look like you are headed to the gym.  Dress sneakers. Ok, well does it make you feel better that they were under $20?  No. Well...sorry.

After our shopping trip, we went out to eat, which is another special Girl's Day treat.  Picture two sisters out with their Mom headed to grab a nice little lunch, laughing, telling stories, and having fun.  Were you picturing cute sandwiches, tablecloths, soup, tea, lace?  That isn't exactly what it looked like.  We went to Five Guys.  Yeah, Five Guys Burgers, where you get peanuts in the shell to eat before your food gets there...the shells, well they go on the floor, or if you're feeling neat, in another tub (actually supposed to hold more peanuts).  AND the burgers were huge!  And DELISH.

 So we munched and chatted, and enjoyed each others company. And although I am not a huge Twilight fanatic, I felt a tinge strange at the table...something was up.

And I realized that why yes, my sister is actually a Cullen. Have a great day!

Please note: her permission was asked before this was posted.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE five guys! I think it's one of the best burgers I've ever had! :)