April 17, 2012

Pictionary Play along: West Coast

My friend Blaze had a fabulous idea to play pictionary the other day, so here is my version.  These were quick sketches, and quick cuts via photoshop.  It took Brad just around 25 seconds to get the top five, but he was stumped on the 6th...notice how much "detail" I kept adding.  :)  He never did get it, so bonus props if you do!  Send me your guesses and I'll post the answers on Thursday.  Winner gets to choose the theme for next week's, so be sure to leave your guesses in the comment section.

West Coast is your clue.  Ready...set...GO!


  1. evergreen, golden gate bridge, bacon, wool sock, surfing, and a well

  2. I love these Susan! Evergreen tree, Golden Gate Bridge, something on tv? or in a microwave? socks, surfing, and gooey duck!!

  3. Thanks for playing guys!

    Here are what they were meant to be...
    Evergreen tree, Golden Gate Bridge, Microsoft, Oregon, Surfing and a Gooey Duck.

    Good work on getting the last one Blaze!!

    I guess that means I need to work on my pictionary skills.