April 7, 2012

Forcing the Spring in

Exactly as this title says, I am d oing everything in my power, which is very little, to will spring to come.  So today, the sun is out and it is just around 60 degrees but I broke out the shorts anyway.  As my sister and I were talking about Easter, we always remember it being sunny.  I feel like it is God's way for us to come out of the sadness and gloom of Good Friday, to his glorious rise on Sunday.  So perhaps tomorrow will be a continuation of memories of sunny Easter days.

News!!!  Brad and I are moving to a little place which is a bit more in the middle commute wise for both of our jobs.  Are you bracing yourself for the best part.....ready....ok, The rent is half of what we are currently paying, and it is such a great deal!  It is smaller than what we are in right now, but the spaces are bigger..if that makes sense...not as chopped up.  As soon as I grab a photo of the place, I will show it.  But we won't be moving in for another couple of months while our lease finishes out.  So in the meantime, we are enjoying every moment of this good little first house: having breakfast by the fire, enjoying our little picketed yard, watching the bushes and roses start to come out of hibernation.  Oh Spring! 

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