March 1, 2012

Getting close

I don't talk much about school on here, and that is best for you because you don't need to hear any complaining.  However, you should know that I am just a few short weeks away from getting my Residency Teaching Certificate in English and Visual Arts.  After much stress, reading, reflecting and applying, I am nearing the finish line for grad school.  (never mind the last 5 classes, I have 5 years to finish them)  So it is quite a bit of celebration time over here in the Clark household.  But before the celebration...there is still struggling and striving as I tie up many ends.  So yesterday, when I came home from class exhausted, junior highers are high energy, my love had already had the fire going, tea made, and a special treat....pringles!  He is just an awesome person, friend and husband, that sometimes I just have no idea how I lucked out.  But safe to say he is amazing. 

I am feeling a bit like this puddle...or maybe a better way to say that is I wish life were currently like the puddle.  Have you ever wanted to be a puddle?  Look how calm, pretty and still it is.  It reflects the light from above, you can see tiny sprouts of life around it!  But the present situation is muddy on the bottom.  That is how our little house is; sprouts of hope of life to come, but currently slogging through a bit of mud. 

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