March 2, 2012

3rd in District: Mossyrock Boys

As you looked at those senior pictures, you have have noticed a familiar name...McCurry.  Yep, my youngest brother is graduating this year.  He is presently taking my art class at the high school (2nd year in a row), which is so much fun for me.  Basically he is an awesome guy, who is also extremely knowledgeable about all things sports related, to which I am clueless.  And he plays...played basketball.  His team went to the District Tournament this year, and came in 3rd.  I am so proud of him, and how well his team did, that I wanted to show you a little piece of his glorious day.  Mossyrock High School Boys Basketball 2012: awesome game.

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  1. Hello Sunno, I haven't browsed on here for awhile, so this afternoon was especially enjoyable reading and looking at glimpses of your life. You are a great blogger! And, I love all the pictures. Mom