February 18, 2012

Snowshoeing on Mt. Rainier

With winter hanging on, and the weather still a bit more chilly than I prefer, Brad and I went snowshoeing with my family and sister's friends.  Jake was home, and we all were able to soak in some quality sibling time.  Being married is so much fun, and we are thoroughly enjoying our soon to be 8 months!!!! together.  But it is also nice to get together with family for outings.  I don't know if any other family had this, but growing up our family had "FFF" which stood for Forced Family Fun where they would invoke FFF if someone didn't wanted to hang out or what-have-you.  Coming from a larger family, we learned to appreciate each other, even if we are nearly opposite.  And it is those FFF times that we can look back on and appreciate being together and have that point of reference.  So getting together is such a treat for me, which has made living close to family a lot of fun!  (also difficult to balance time, which is another story)  Being in the outdoors and enjoying God's creation is something that I love doing!  The colors and the smell and the feel and the wind and the experience is so intoxicating!  Nature and FFF often went hand in hand.  I cannot say how many FFF hikes, we forced my Dad on, or games of Rook we made my sister play.  But now that we are older, we can joke about FFF and actually have everyone appreciate the family time.  Hooray for getting old enough to love each other and hang out despite the activity!

Mt. Rainier has some of the most gorgeous views! We rented snowshoes down in Packwood and spent a few hours blazing trails.  Of course lunch was involved and very weak hot cocoa...

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