February 4, 2012

Gift from the family

My parents recently gave Brad and I a wonderful gift, they gave us two nights by the coast at a little bed and breakfast.  Because I am one month away from being certified to teach both English and art, we took a little time to rest before the final push of school work.  Things have been really crazy around the Clark household, as I tend to get stressed fairly easily.  But this past weekend, allowed for me to put all school aside, and rest, read, and pray.  It was such a time of refreshment.  It made me realize that we need to be doing more of that...more time of sitting in God's presence.  Refreshing time aside, we also had a bit of a mishap.  Let me tell you, it was ridiculous.

My little blue ford focus, which we affectionately call Harold, had major surgery 7 months ago a week before our wedding the engine "blew a rod" or so the mechanic told me.  Lately he has been driving roughly, and the brakes have been strange, but when I took them to be looked at, nothing was said to be wrong.  So after a week of shaking and grinding, we pulled into a little fabric shop (doesn't my husband love me) and our front wheel was rusty brake red.  We were on Highway 101, which isn't exactly littered with towns to stop in.  There were no brake pads, and the parking break was stuck in the on position.  Grace had it that there was a Les Schwab 100 yards down the road who fixed us up right away!  Wahoo!

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