January 12, 2012

Seaside, OR and a September getaway

Earlier this fall, my family invited Brad and I out to the beach, it was clear blue sky day one, and raining the next.

While in Seaside we enjoyed the main walk, and took our photo with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Walk on the beach...
And explore the rocky beaches around our vacation rental...

When it rained, we were able to stay nice and dry indoors while watching the clouds blow in...

During our time indoors we played games, enjoyed delish food and invented a new project for get togethers.  My family loves to discuss and explore in depth a great many things, so we are all constantly reading fascinating things that other people want to read.

SIDENOTE: This Christmas is an example, as each of us unwrapped one or two new books, we all ooh-ed and aah-ed over how interesting they looked, (what can I say, we are a bunch of nerdys).

Anyway...This new project that Dan thought of what a jar of ideas or rather a jar of thought-provoking, fascinating questions or discussion topics.  Each person can add an idea to the jar, and one by one, whenever we get together we will pull out the jar and select at random (....this is important otherwise the picker could choose their own question) something to talk about.  No I promise that we aren't boring and sit around with nothing to talk about.  I choose to think of it as adding a bit of structure to our discussions so that we are not talking over one another, while trying to listen in on the other interesting conversations at the same time.  Thus, the McCurry Discussion Jar was born.  Perhaps you would like to create your own discussion jar,  the best part is that it is tailored to your family and personal interests, because likely you don't care about "What really happened at Roanoke?" (the link will briefly discuss it on wikipedia)

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