January 11, 2012

Mt. Rainier from Highway 7

If you've ever taken Washington State Highway 7, you will have no cell service, curves like no other, as well as quaint towns, and beautiful sights!  As I've been driving to Seattle every other week, I've been able to get some great views of Mt. Rainier along the drive.  This one day, I could not resist stopping the car and taking proper pictures.  There is just something about the soft yellow grass with the hunter green trees and fresh blue sky that the white of the mountain, just set the stage for God's glory!  Truly amazing!  So rather than do my usual drive-by-shootings by holding up the camera crossing my fingers for a good snap as I keep rolling by, I pulled over into a little church that beholds this very view 365 days a year.  As I teetered along the very small shoulder of highway 7 in my work heels, I was able to capture some view. 

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