January 24, 2012

Colors are my favorite

As a lover of God and all the nature he has created, I so enjoy seeing all the colors that adorn our outdoors.  I remember being in college once, mixing paint together and in my arrogance, thought that I had found a new color.  This was hilarious because I was quite proud of myself for finding this color that I had never seen before (or so I thought).  That I left the studio and strolled home thinking about this color, only to look down and see a small dusty miller plant growing out of someone's garden, the exact shade of "my new hue".  Needless to say I needed a little dose of humility.  Also I think that depending on where you are living affects what colors seem exotic..this silvery green is completely foreign to my forest green trees, straw yellow grasses, and sapphire blue water.  Due to this love of color, I am going to show you what I end up combining for work outfits.  So stayed tuned for tomorrow's color palette.


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