November 15, 2011

A foggy evening, and a frosty morning.

The other night it was a  full moon shrouded with fog.  I've always been attached to fog, it holds this mysterious wonder.  I remember when I was a little girl, early one morning, the fog covered our front yard, and my mom and I went outside and turned and twirled in the clouds.  I could feel the tiny water crystals settle and disolve on my arms, and breathed in the clouds.  Winter always bring in the fog, and the joyeous, mysterious wonder that comes with.  Frost has finally hit my corner of Washington...I am waking up to a 54 degree house.  Even my fingers were aching, but as I left for work in the morning, the gorgeous evening the night before left behind frost covered grass and leaves with the orange ice.


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  1. great pictures. thank you for sharing them. have a great thanksgiving.